liki liki LED lighting design | show you have flair | Aliki Polydor

liki liki LED lighting design | show you have flair | Aliki Polydor
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18 May 2009

liki liki LED lighting design since 2006 | solving the quality boutique lighting equation

Perceived value—through quality of design, materials, and manufacture—together with exclusive personalized service are key components of the luxury products equation.

We’ve all at some point indulged in “retail therapy”, the act of buying things to make us feel better. Part of the experience is finding and purchasing that “something”, but an equally important part is the sensory experience of entering a store and being surrounded by a breath of emotion made of light, color, texture, perfume and sound, that is offering a fulfilling experience. liki liki design firmly sustains this synaethesia in any retail ambiance.

The boutique's "wow" factor is of utmost importance. Few things bring more pleasure to those that love quality than seeing exclusive products in brilliant contexts. The boutique becomes the space to entice and involve shoppers with rich emotions and inspirational ambiances that capture the essence of these products, but also induce a pleasantly intoxicating frame of mind.

The product has to speak for itself in all its glory. Individuals being naturally attracted to visual stimuli, lighting becomes the enhancer for the product's perception. Only an adequate lighting can mediate that interaction between the customer and the product, linking visual harmony to internal harmony, a yin and a yang so to speak, creating that unity which involves any of us in an aesthetic experience.

A pure, "natural light" like the one emitted by LEDs is the solution for bringing out all the real color of products whether objects, garments or fabrics. Nothing like LEDs to reveal a real red, a real saffron yellow, or a real magenta.

Aliki Polydor and synaethesia May 2009


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