08 February 2009

"napo" LED table lamp designed by Aliki Polydor 2007- atcasa

Do we always have to look back in time or let somebody else work out for us what's in, what's trendy, what's been presented at the Salone del Mobile or at Euroluce?
Do we always have to check who has got this or that to decide if we shall get the same? Is it part of the Vitra collection and sold in series? Will it be considered vintage in a couple of decades? Does it match our sofa?


Can we simply be of today and use the latest LED technology, not just old fashioned bulbs but printed circuit boards - indeed real electronics! Time has come for us to settle in the present and accept it.

The «napo»™ table lamp, designed by Aliki Polydor, fulfills this position thoroughly - a little “avant-guarde” perhaps - undoubtedly revealing a highly elegant and charismatic design.

We don't always have to look up to “the Jones's”, do we?

liki liki team


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