15 December 2008

"daffodil" Led table lamp design Aliki Polydor

Prematurely speaking, winter is dragging on and it is going to last for a while!
Can we brighten up our days with vibrating light and colour?

Bring out some of that colour temperature around 6500 degrees Kelvin and generate the authentic colours of a daffodil from the Far East. But then why not try our fresh «daffodil»™ that has just sprung out of liki liki's studio? It has grown out on a blue lapis lazuli methacrylate carpet positioned on a massive aluminum plate! Take a close look at it and place it on any table top to cheer up the festive season and your Christmas receptions.

Yes, it is yet, another table lamp designed by Aliki.
Flexible stems in beautiful chromated-aluminum that allow the individual 100 lumen LED lights to move within a 30 degree optical range to accent any particular surrounding element. It is a somewhat sculpture-like object with its own personality and may stand for itself.

Try it. You will remember Wordsworth.

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