10 October 2008

liki liki LED luminaire | "biscot"| a wall applique for contract

What would you say if a little gem-like led lamp made us think of a french "petit four"? Something which would make us reminisce of a sweet bluberry fancy? You know that there is no such thing as tempting to the eyes and to the palate as an authentic french little pastry. Well, there you are!

The deliciously delicate and yet sturdy "biscot" has all the qualities of led-lit accent lighting and the visual dynamics of a little precious amethyst gem. You can use it in all contexts whether in a home, bedroom or study to emphasise artwork and small sculptures.  Ideal for "contract" and "hospitality".
In these times of eco-conscious upheavals, in the positive sense, "no bulbs to change for a period of 15 years" is a treat!

Orders are trickling in. So hurry up and get a glimpse of it.

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