liki liki LED lighting design | show you have flair | Aliki Polydor

liki liki LED lighting design | show you have flair | Aliki Polydor
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09 July 2008

corriere atcasa | & LED "kissimu 3" or "napo"| liki liki design

No more bulbs to change with "kissimu 3" or "napo"  designed by Aliki Polydor.

It is not magic : it is LED lighting.
Not only these two lamps but all our LED lighting does NOT require any "bulb changing". Can you believe it?

Do bear in mind that LED lighting does not impose the uneconomical chore which consists in regularly changing the burnt out light bulbs of your precious lamps!
Whether for halogen, incandescent or CFL bulbs, consumers have traditionally been conditioned into replacing them now and then over the years, but today, more so, this routine will progressively become obsolete.
LED-lighting is a gift to the consumer : no more of that hectic chore!

The high-power LEDs we use have 50.000-100.000 hours of lifespan, so your lamps will live for up to 15-20 years, depending on how long you have them switched on daily.
Can you imagine a better way of saving energy and the environment?

Furthermore, these high-power LEDs have a very low electrical consumption: while consuming merely 7.5W, they provide a safe and affordable "ambiance" light.
The ultimate in eco-friendly lighting.

And we are not finished : check out on the "triple d-light" also on catalogue.

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