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liki liki LED lighting design | show you have flair | Aliki Polydor
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22 June 2008

liki liki lighting design | "triple d-light": a concentrated lighting pleasure

The "triple d-light" means exactly what its name implies: concentrated lighting pleasure.

For an added touch of elegance, use “triple d-light” for "accent lighting" and you soon realize how much the special features in a room, such as artwork, architectural details and furnishings have gained in significance. This type of light is commonly seen in art galleries and museums to give a life like quality to the display. The “triple d-light” lamp’s unique structure helps you position the light beams freely in space, creating a bright shaft of light that sets the encountered objects apart from their surroundings and brings out their “clandestine” colours for all to enjoy. The beam precision and the unidirectional nature of the generated white light are perfectly adapted at creating special moods and ambiences around your most valued objects.

Retailers can also use "triple d-light" lighting in display windows to illuminate merchandise, attract attention, and even send a message about the quality of their store. For the prospective customer, it creates visual interest and makes the merchandise stand out from the background.

As with all our production we have taken the eco-friendly and inclusive approach needed for today’s light sources. Incorporating the most advanced LED technology available “triple d-light” is designed for sustainability, minimal light pollution and high energy efficiency, effectively setting new standards. Its high-power LEDs have a very low electrical consumption, consuming merely 7.5W, providing a safe and affordable light over an operational lifespan of 50,000 hours, which correspond to 15-20 years when used daily.

The “triple d-light” visual appeal and aesthetic elegance derive from its contrasting straight lines. The soft finishes of the metal components, the deep orange transparency and the satinated surfaces all contribute to a balanced mix of value, performance and style.

The positive energy released by this beautiful luminaire combines precise detail enhancing performance with soft emotional results. The lamp's modern and rigorous structure, the warm hallo and the precise light beams find their natural place in any modern or trendy space, where it enriches the “charme”, creates “drama” and softens the atmosphere. It is nevertheless meant for "accent lighting".

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