liki liki LED lighting design | show you have flair | Aliki Polydor

liki liki LED lighting design | show you have flair | Aliki Polydor
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31 May 2008

liki liki LED lighting | ikra is for caviar

There is nothing like soft lighting to make a room precious and inviting for those late social events or for an intimate evening. And the most versatile, simple, and exquisite looking solution to achieve this beauty is "ikra" table lamp .

From our multifaceted approach to the lighting of space, we have experienced lighting as the single greatest determinant of how a space feels. The "ikra" is as precious as caviar! Its delicate tints will enlighten your bedside or reception tables and its soft romantic glow will trigger emotions and feeling. Color conveys information, and as a silent form of communication, it gets our message across powerfully. The passionate, strong, warm red grabs attention and advances. The refreshing, quiet, calming green soothes the mind for concentration. The welcoming orange creates that cheering and energetic atmosphere. The mystical purple enhances that sensual but dignified message.

Ambiance lighting comes in many sizes, shapes and types, but LED lights have advantages other lighting solutions do not have. The "ikra" can remain switched on all night long without any risks: no overheating, extremely low consumption and beautiful color rendering.

It is natural to place rigorous demands on the lamps that illuminate our surroundings. The eye prefers even lighting with a minimum contrast between the brightness of the room surfaces and the lighting fixtures. The "ikra" table lamp gives your room a sophisticated mix of real hues and authentic warmth. The result is a feeling of stepping into a cozy past, but with the benefits of illumination from the future.

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