16 October 2008

liki liki design studio | "patanjali 1"©2007 | light and aromatherapy |

Pure olfactory emotion with a tinge of colour and real daylight at 6500K.
Ideal for light and aromatherapy at wellness centers and spas.
The "patanjali"1® 2007  click here for video - incorporates the latest diode technology in lighting with a sophisticated touch of class designed by "liki liki LED lighting design studio" and made in Italy.

Not only that, but "patanjali"®2007 gives the choice of the fragrance appropriate for the moment :

  • a nomadic mood then you choose a spicy scent from the best perfume makers in France.
  • a tonic mood then you chose an organic scent which puts you in a vivacious chenghis khan allure.
  • a peaceful mood then you chose a relaxing fragrance with touches of narcissus and cedar.

You can leave it on permanently because of its minimal power consumption and enjoy its presence in refined settings. Perfect for hospitality and "contract".

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Not simply skimming superficially through the subject of LED lighting.

Not just designing light but explaining it.

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