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liki liki LED lighting design | show you have flair | Aliki Polydor
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31 January 2008

Organic light emitting diodes? the future?

...designing light means taking into account all the senses not just the visual...

Trends in lighting technology will probably involve further and considerable implication of design in studying and planning our environments.

Today space implies moods, and therefore "lighting" should remain central without imposing itself. If used wrongly and without adequate harmonization of elements, it can actually create opposite effects. This applies to both public and private space. A building which is heavily lit in a public area might provoke a sense of "anomy" or unwanted excitement. A home with inappropriate lighting might not offer the right soothing atmosphere longed for by its owners.

Light has strong repercussions on mood. We are talking about the five senses : all the senses interact to create a mood.

Designing "light" means taking into account "all the senses"- not just the visual - and obviously relying on technology and its progress. When designing light today we should look for authenticity and bear in mind the diversity and multiplicity in human expression. With light's "play" we are able to construct an environment which will cater for many moods and different situations. A lighting system can thus be contextualized depending on the commissioner's preferences, personality, goals and moods.

We are delving into a new language with the help of "light". Each lighting allows to express our "inner self" and its many identities.
Light and ambiance designers are here for that. Trust them.


OLED- organic light emitting diodes-the lighting of the future?

liki liki design

Si apre la porta, si entra nel showroom-laboratorio well off di liki liki design. Il rumore e il traffico restano alle spalle, si resta catturati di una sensazione ovattata, i colori vivi e caldi ti avvolgono nella luce soffusa. Sono gli oggetti luminosi, piccoli e grandi, capaci anche di diffondere profumi, di emanare senti di spezie o essenze di fiori (diffusore luminoso ad alta tecnologia chiamato patanjali).
Luci e oggetti d'arredo o forse sculture luminose, in grado di cambiare la percezione di uno spazio, di un luogo. Forse anche di influire sul l'umore...

Camilla Bertoni, Verona 31 gennaio 2008

30 January 2008

"olfactory design" avant-garde | patanjali Ecohitech Award 2010

moods and scents?

A scent reflects a mood and a mood prescribes a scent.
Should people stick to the same particular scent and always use it for a specific mood?
Everything is perception – olfactory components which are often ignored contribute to finding our way in an environment or a given architecture.
In our society, the senses are perceived in a dissociated form: often, the olfactory is separated from the visual; but isn't it more gratifying when these senses operate all together, in a subtle alchemy?
Try thinking about it.
It is looking intensely into the hidden quality of things…such as the LED technology that helps provide quality, precision and functionality.

16 January 2008

liki liki studio party 2007

Many thanks all of you that attended this pleasant evening at our showroom in Verona on 16 December 2007, and to Antonella for taking these pictures.

liki liki marketing team

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